OriginTrail for AI builders

Building verifiable Internet for AI

Learn how to leverage OriginTrail to fight anomalies in your artificial-intelligence(AI)-powered solutions such as hallucinations, data ownership and intellectual property issues, bias, and model collapse. Use the OriginTrail ChatDKG framework with AI models of your choice to improve the fidelity of your AI solutions.


Starting date

April 26


Trace Labs - OriginTrail core developers



About the course

In the near future, AI models will likely largely dominate the Internet both in activity and content production. As AI penetration into the mainstream continues, we need to effectively address anomalies of the current AI systems. Learn about the concept of verifiable Internet for AI — Internet that leverages the synergies of crypto, the Internet, and AI. Learn how to develop AI-powered solutions that incorporate and capitalize on clear information provenance, verifiable information, and incentivization for high-quality knowledge production. Powered by OriginTrail.

Practical approach

Learn about the new concepts of verifiable Internet for AI and put them to practice by building different trusted-AI integrations with the help of step-by-step tutorials available in the course.

Globally oriented

Strategies shared and knowledge earned are widely applicable to  various different use cases and industries, no matter which part of the globe you are offering your solutions to.

For your career

Demand for AI solutions is on the rise. Become the trailblazer that not only knows how to build AI-powered solutions, but also knows how to minimize their potential negative impact.

Course Lessons

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