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Trace Alliance builds partnerships for creating and leveraging trusted
knowledge in the age of AI.

Trace Alliance members

... and more than 150 others.

Benefits for members


 Access to new academic research papers.
 Access to knowledge resources, including masterclasses.


 Direct access to use cases.
 Access to new releases of technologies and solutions.


 Enhanced visibility at Trace Alliance events.
 Co-creation of a trusted knowledge foundation for the age of AI.

How does Trace Alliance work?


Companies that are seeking AI-powered solutions based on verifiable data origin, ownership, and trust to boost value across their organization and networks. From sectors such as healthcare, construction, supply chains, the metaverse, and others.

Service providers

Companies that provide AI-powered solutions and consulting or advisory services to help their clients level up in the age of AI. Leveraging the limitless possibilities of the flexible OriginTrail trusted knowledge infrastructure to create innovative apps and solutions.

Developers community

Individuals or groups of developers interested in building on the OriginTrail Decentralized Knowledge Graph (DKG) or improving the OriginTrail core code. Open-source and permissionless, OriginTrail network is fully equipped for developers to leverage it.

Research institutions

Entities that have significant theoretical, empirical, and research knowledge in the fields of Web3, Semantic Web, and AI and can contribute to resolution of theoretical and practical challenges.

OriginTrail is the trusted knowledge foundation for the age of AI

OriginTrail is an ecosystem dedicated to building a sustainable global economy by organizing trusted AI-ready Knowledge Assets. Utilizing its unique Decentralized Knowledge Graph and NeuroWeb, it delivers AI-powered semantic search to enterprises and individuals worldwide.
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