Empowering the FMCG industry: Harnessing trusted AI and GS1 Digital Link for impactful transformation

Trusted artificial intelligence (AI) paired with the new GS1 Digital Link standard promises to revolutionize how consumers and businesses interact with products.

Together with GS1 Slovenia, OriginTrail already took a pioneering first step with AI-powered product discovery as can be seen in the video below.
But this is only scratching the surface.

In our webinar dedicated to the fast-moving consumer goods (FMCG) industry we explore the plethora of opportunities that merging trusted AI with the new GS1 Digital Link and other GS1 standards brings to producers, brand owners, and retailers.

  • Enhanced consumer interaction - pre- and post-purchase
  • Improving brand image 
  • Improving supply chain management
  • Gaining new customer insights
... and many others.


Starting date

Dec 14






1 Hour



About the speakers

Jurij Škornik

General Manager @Trace Labs - OriginTrail Core Developers

Jurij Skornik is the General Manager at Trace Labs, where he leads the company's key projects, deploying OriginTrail-powered solutions in collaboration with global partners. He brings substantial expertise in supply chains, gained over five years at DHL Group, one of the world's largest logistics providers. Combining his background with his passion for Web3 technologies and AI, Jurij empowers organizations in diverse industries - from supply chains to healthcare, construction, and assurance - to unlock their potential by deploying AI solutions based on the OriginTrail Trusted Knowledge Foundation.

Roko Staničić

Information Technology Consultant @GS1 Slovenia

Roko Staničić is an IT consultant and a member of the GS1 Slovenia team. He has extensive experience in IT and logistics solutions, as well as in leading various projects that involve the use of GS1 standards in the fast-moving consumer goods (FMCG) sector. He is an expert in intralogistics, barcode usage in logistics, data quality, and digital transformation. He is also a co-author of several publications on GS1 standards.

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